Nintendo Power Reveals Further Sonic and the Black Knight Details

From the pages of Nintendo Power to the readers of NeoGAF, GoNintendo, and now Kombo, more information has spilled forth regarding SEGA’s upcoming spiritual sequel to the Wii-exclusive Sonic and the Secret Rings, Sonic and the Black Knight.

Some skills will be returning from Secret Rings, but there will be new skills as well, including the Paladin’s shield-breaking ability, and Cavalier’s wall-climbing Splash Jump. There is also a gauge-based special move called a “Soul Surge,” which involves pressing B and shaking the Wii remote. This unleashes a “series of deadly lock-on strikes or a blinding turbo boost that can get the hedgehog out of almost any dangerous situation.”

Black Knight also brings with it character customization, such as adding offensive elements, or defensive, which can include immunity from elemental status ailments.

One bolded item (on NeoGAF, anyway) mentions that you can actually cut the grass on the titanic plain. I wonder if it will hide items, as in Zelda, or just be there for effect.

Some stages won’t be playable until subsequent playthroughs, unfortunately. But there is good news for the multiplayer modes, as you will be allowed to square off against the computer.

And one final tidbit for longtime Sonic fans: “Sonic’s in the middle of a chili-dog feast when he’s being summoned into the book!” Nice touch.