Nintendo on Online Criticisms: “Different Services Do Things Differently”

“Different strokes for different folks.”

I try to live my life by this mantra. It’s helped me get out of message board fights with fanboys, resolved personal conflicts with colleagues. And I think it would do us all a big favor if the dudes running American foreign policy would learn the meaning of DSFDF (as I like to call it).

Sadly, “different strokes for different folks” doesn’t exactly apply to everything in life — online gaming, for one thing. We gamers have come to expect some very basic things from online gaming: universal friends lists, voice chat, messaging and, non-laggy play. Nintendo, we can all agree, has dropped the ball in each of these categories. Mario Kart Wii, admittedly, is a small step forward , as our review makes clear, but still figures as nothing close to a sea change.

In response to these aired grievances, Nintendo manager of PR Eric Walter had this to say:

“Different services do things differently. Nintendo’s three goals for Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection are to make the service free, easy and safe. These goals are there not just for young players, but also older ones and new players. Nintendo is bringing a lot of new people into the world of video games, and we want to reduce barriers while making the online experience as enjoyable as possible.”

You know, I figure maybe older people would have a harder time memorizing friend code numbers than us younguns with our fired-up neurons and brain cells aching to be filled with useless knowledge.

Oh well, different strokes for different folks I guess.