Nintendo: Now You’re Cleaning (Your Wii) with Power!

At last, you at home can clean your Wii, just like the professionals do!

Cleaning your own Wii all by yourself has always been a dangerous proposition, as using rough, unauthorized material could run the risk of irritating the afflicted area. But no more!

now you can clean it yourself thanks to Nintendo’s first party lens cleaner. The Wii Lens Cleaner Set runs Â¥800 (US$7.80) and is out sometime this month. — Kotaku

Haven’t seen any word about US availability, but this whole situation first arose when Super Smash Bros. Brawl was released, and people were unable to run the disc, due to contamination by dust and cigarette smoke.

One has only to wonder now, why didn’t they just release this then? Maybe they liked the idea of being charitable, since they cleaned the systems for free and covered shipping costs. It made for good publicity, right? “You live like a pig, but that’s ok. We’re here to help.”