Nintendo Not Behind Wii Sold Out Stories in the UK

Nintendo has denied reports that the company is providing press releases to UK media outlets in order to boost the hype surrounding the Wii’s demand in the country.

“There is absolutely no truth whatsoever in what they have written, it is totally unsubstantiated and merely rumour they are reporting as fact,” Nintendo told CVG.

Maxconsole was the first to report that a story on Nintendo’s Wii console selling out in the UK appeared identically in two of the largest news corporations in the UK. They were also the first to suggest that because they are same, it must be a press release and that Nintendo could be behind it.

The news story reports that the Wii continues to sell out across the country and that the system is currently going for as much as £500 which is £321 over the normal price making a need to boost demand seem pointless.

AMN will keep you updated.