Nintendo Not Attending Leipzig Games Convention This Year

Nintendo of Europe has announced today that it would not be attending the final Leipzig Games Convention this year, though it would not rule out attending its successor, the GAMESCon in Cologne next year.

Nintendo issued a press release in German via their registration-required website earlier, as translated by Nintendo Revolution:

In August 2008, Nintendo Germany will not be present at the Games Convention in Leipzig with its own booth.

Over the past months, the company has had many positive experiences with smaller, local events and national promotional tours, at which it presented the highly original gameplay concepts for the portable Nintendo DS and the home console Wii.

Going into the second half of 2008, Nintendo will favour being present at nationwide events rather than a central trade show: its videogames will be experienced at various outings and within different surroundings.

“Following the E3 trade show this year, Nintendo will start a nationwide roadshow, in order to inform our media and trade partners about the newest games as early as possible,” Nintendo Germany´s General Manager, Dr. Bernd Fakesch added.

Nintendo adds that this is in no way a criticism of the largest trade show in Europe, thanking the organizers of the event for their cooperation in the past.