Nintendo is Shipping 1.8 Million Wiis per Month

It has been well documented that there will likely be Wii shortages again this holiday season, and Nintendo is doing their best to adjust to the high demand.

In a recent interview with Next Generation, marketing chief for Nintendo of America, George Harrison (no, not the one from the Beatles), talked about Wii holiday production.

“I can’t give an exact number for November and December. We had to make our final decision on how much to produce each month for the holidays back in the summer. It takes about five months for us to increase the actual monthly rate of production. We’re at a rate now worldwide of about 1.8 million Wiis produced every month, and that’s going to sustain itself until we get on top of this.”

“We’re trying to make decisions on almost a weekly basis about which market to ship the product to, because in Japan it’s a big success, and same in Europe.”

After losing out in September hardware sales thanks to Halo 3’s 360 sales boost, the Wii managed to sell 519,000 units in the US for the month of October.

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