Nintendo Employees Earn $1.6m Each for the Big N

Yeah, that’s right, Nintendo can actually say that each of its employees run out to the money tree and shake down $1.6 million a year… on average, of course. The company has beaten out Goldman Sachs when it comes to average bucks earned per employee, which remains incredibly impressive. Sachs is a well-known, global investment bank.

“Nintendo’s 3,000 permanent employees are set produce more than USD 1.6 million in profit each this year, higher than the average Goldman employee did last year at USD 1.24 million.

If Nintendo achieves its net profit target of JPY 410 billion (USD 3.9 billion) this year it will also rival the investment bank’s pre-tax return on equity.” — goes on to site the companies tactics of outsourcing as a cause for their high profit per employee. While the big guys are home marketing and selling, the little folk are abroad and working for other companies. Nintendo pays the outsourced companies, not the laborers. It’s a help when it comes to raising that average-earned marker.

Oh, and the average salary of a Nintendo employee is only around 90k… Sachs employees earn around 600k annually. Weird.

EDIT: At the request of a reader I’ll clarify. Nintendo employees have an average salary of $90k per year…they make Nintendo $1.6 million per year. SO… while they take home around 90k per year they earn the Nintendo corporation 1.6m each. Cool?