Nintendo DS Web Browser Released

The Nintendo DS web browser was released today in Japan via several Japanese online sales sites. The browser was developed by Opera, creators of other well known internet applications.

Opera Software’s fully-featured browser enables Japanese gamers to surf the web on the Nintendo DS. The browser is sold as a separate DS card, and comes with an extra memory expansion cartridge.

The DS Browser, which is available in Japan for a retail price of 3,800 yen (tax included), can be purchased online at Nintendo-authorized sales sites. The Nintendo DS browser is Opera’s first product with Nintendo. The Opera Browser has also been selected by Nintendo to be the web browser for the upcoming Wii.

“Opera takes the Nintendo DS to another level with its Web browser by making use of the DS’s capabilities as an online interaction tool,” says Scott Hedrick, Executive Vice President, Opera Software. “Many of us at Opera are big DS fans, and our engineers worked closely with Nintendo to tailor Opera’s rendering modes to suit special DS features, such as the touch screen, resulting in a fantastic user experience. Browsing with Opera on the DS is a totally unique way to surf the Internet.”

“With Opera we had the challenge of producing a browser for Nintendo DS that could comfortably surf web pages created to run on a PC’s CPU power and memory size,” says Masaru Shimomura, deputy general manager of Nintendo’s R&D Department. “Thanks to Opera’s technologies and endeavors, we were able to realize a very efficient full-web-browser for Nintendo DS with a fast start up time, quick and unique page display and intuitive interface using the touch-pen. We hope that people will enjoy this new style of surfing the net in bed or while watching TV.”

The browser comes with two display modes: Fit-to-width and DS mode. The fit-to-width mode utilizes both screens for scrolling up or down a page with both screens completing the view. In DS mode, an overview of the Web page is shown on the lower screen. A pink colored thumbnail can be moved around an area of the page, which is magnified on the upper screen.

The Nintendo DS’s touch-pen will be the main tool of navigation, enabling users to click on links, scroll pages and even handwrite URLs and search terms in either Japanese or English.

While there are no current plans to release the Opera DS Web Browser in North America, Advanced Media Network will have the scoop

While there are no current plans to release the Opera DS Web Browser outside of Japan, there is a possibility it may be released on other shores in the future. Stay tuned to Advanced Media Network for future updates.