Nintendo DS Gets Green

Nintendo announced today that they would be adding a green Nintendo DS Lite to their lineup of handheld platforms. The green DS Lite is bundled with a carrying case and the game Personal Trainer: Cooking.

The press release aims the bundle at moms who “are always looking for new and interesting meal ideas.” Even though my mom let’s my dad do all of the cooking, it’s an interesting marketing idea which continues with Nintendo’s philosophy that video games are not just for the male 18-40 age crowd.

This does bring up an interesting thought: Why is Nintendo releasing a new color and bundle for the DS Lite with the very recent release of the DSi? Hit the jump for more info.

Could it be that Nintendo had way too many white DS Lite units just laying around and decided to the paint them green?

Although this is comical, I think a more realistic explanation would be that with the release of the DSi, the exposure has been very wide, and a bundle package is an easy way to introduce someone to the Nintendo Universe without all the bells and whistles of the DSi.

Even though I think it’s funny that Nintendo aimed this at mothers for Mother’s day, it is a great idea for those parents who have seen their kids playing Wii Fit, Mario Party and other family friendly games.

As for my mom, she thinks the DVR will blow up if you push the remote in a funny way, so I think I’m not gonna jump on this right now, but I can imagine many who will.