Nintendo Drops the Bob-omb Shell with Japanese Calendar of New Releases

There were some light rumblings going on recently around the internet, surrounding — who else? — Nintendo, as the company was pushing full-speed ahead with their campaign of Wii Fit, but had not announced anything further. Surely Nintendo wasn’t about to drop off without any further releases this year, right?

Well, it would seem not, as Nintendo, in Japan at least, has penned in some upcoming releases for June, namely Mario Super Sluggers for the Wii on the 19th, and Band Brothers DX for the DS come the 26th.

July will bring forth much more goodness, and a little bit of badness as Wario makes his triumphant return (hopefully) to the platformer scene in Wario Land Shake for the Wii (why not Wario World Shake?) on July 24th. “Who’s Wario?” you say? Funny you should ask.

Preceding Wario Land Shake is Biohazard 0, aka Resident Evil 0, for the Wii on the 10th of July, but we aren’t getting that yet, so screw it. Fatal Frame IV: The Mask of the Lunar Eclipse for the Wii gets its release date on July 31st, alongside the newly-announced Rhythm Tengoku Gold for the DS. And August kicks off with Fire Emblem DS on the 7th.

For further info, if you can read it, click here, or maybe someone at NeoGAF has it translated here.