Nintendo Direct Recap: It’s a good time to own a 3DS

Nintendo is doing it right when it comes to the 3DS. Although the company is still struggling to find a market for the Wii U, they just seem to 'get it' when it comes to their handheld system. With each passing Nintendo Direct, the 3DS becomes more and more appealing. And harder and harder to resist.

I don't currently own a 3DS, but I'll tell you what. After today's presentation I'm certainly more envious of those who do. The presentation was only 37 minutes long, but in that time span Nintendo managed to convince me that I can no longer deny the inevitable: The Nintendo 3DS is one of the premiere consoles and a must-own system. I don't care if it's “just a handheld,” its catalog of games can compete with, and even surpass, those of the most popular consoles – I'm looking at you, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Much of today's presentation consisted of showing off already-announced 3DS titles, but the system's already impressive library of games grew a bit larger with the reveal of several new titles – most notably, a new Zelda game set in the world of A Link to the Past. We were only show some very brief gameplay clips, but during the limited time Nintendo of America's Reggie Fils-Aime expressed the company's desire to “reinvigorate the flat 2D world of A Link to the Past with a sense of height and volume.” Using the 3DS' three-dimensional display, the new Zelda game will use height differences in dungeons as a puzzle-solving mechanic.

Zelda: A Link to the Past for 3DS

Again, this is just another example of Nintendo understanding its audience with the 3DS. Nintendo fans love the older franchises. In this case, Nintendo is taking a nearly 20-year-old Super NES game and bringing it to light with an original storyline and all-new gameplay mechanics.

While the new Zelda game definitely stole the spotlight, there were plenty of other games announced – some of which also paid homage to classics. The third installment of Yoshi's Island, a 1995 SNES classic, is expected to offer new and fresh gameplay.

There's more, though. There's a new Mario Party due out this winter and two additional The Legend of Zelda classics on their way to the 3DS eShop. And let's not forget about the already-announced games expected in the future. Looking ahead, we still have Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Pokemon X and Y, Super Smash Bros., and Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies, just to name a few.

It's hard to deny that the 3DS has one of the most robust catalogs of games. And if we've learned anything from the Vita's struggles, it's that games sell consoles. 

Nintendo gets it. As evidenced by today's Nintendo Direct and the lengthy list of upcoming games, it's great to be a 3DS owner. And if you're like me and don't own one, now might be the perfect time to jump on the bandwagon. Hey, there's an awesome Animal Crossing: New Leaf bundle just waiting for you!