Nintendo’s Fall Media Summit is Over; Your Impressions?

Over the past several months and leading up to Nintendo’s Fall Media Summit, gamers have been quite disappointed in Nintendo’s ‘traditional’ game lineup for the rest of 2008 and beyond. There is no doubt most of us were eagerly awaiting what surprises Nintendo had for us up their sleeve.

The summit has come and gone, Kombo rocked the coverage as expected, and we all have a slew of new information to absorb and new games to think about. Day one of the summit featured the bulk of the announcements while day two was clearly a hands-on day for media.

The real question is, now that it’s all said and done, what are your thoughts on Nintendo’s known 2008 and 2008 library? Do you feel any differently about Nintendo’s dedication to ‘traditional’ games and the ‘hardcore’ gamer? Or are you not satisfied until you see a teaser trailer featuring Link busting out his sword and riding through Hyrule like he owns the place. After all, Reggie himself asked gamers, ‘give us time to get traditional titles ready.’ Of the newly announced Wii games, I am really looking forward to the new Punch Out!!. Looks like a fun ride down memory lane.

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