Nintendo’s ‘Celestial Event’ = Floating Soap Kirbys in the Sky

So today, we finally have word of what happened at the “celestial event” Nintendo was promoting. It was indeed for Kirby, though much to the disappointment of some, it was not to announce a new Kirby game for Wii (seriously, who really expected a historical mill, a shopping center, and a middle school to be the staging ground for that kind of announcement?).

Hello, I just left the Kirby event in Kirby Park in PA. They had a small crew sending small kirbies into the sky made of pink soap bubbles and helium. There weren’t many people there yet. They were only promoting Kirby Superstar Ultra, but we (my girlfriend and i) got bookcovers/posters out of it. — Dextr, for Kotaku

However, it turns out the real event was the one being held in Alabama:

…I saw a random guy typing away at his iPhone, and I assumed him to be a local game enthusiast. I said something to the affect of “So, am I the only one who expected more?” and he replied “What do you mean?”. I said “You know, I expected people from Nintendo to be here or something” to which he said “I am from Nintendo” and he stuck out his hand. I would have shaken his hand, but I had to pull my foot from my mouth.

The Nintendo party consisted of a male and female rep (who approached later) and a photographer. As far as I could tell, I was the only person there who wasn’t being paid to be there. He said he had hoped the school would let the children come, but the administration wouldn’t allow it and almost didn’t allow Nintendo to be there at all. — Jeremy “Surly” Yerby, for Kotaku

Hit the links for more pictures (including a rather angry looking soap Kirby) and recaps from the event(s).

A neat little promotional event, IMO. Some free swag, but probably nothing anyone will tear their hair out over missing. But you’d think they’d at least have the courtesy to bring the game!