Next-Gen Dev Costs Blown Out

Mike Rein, vice president of Epic Games, has accused large publishers, including Electronic Arts, of their quoted figures for next-generation development prices.

“We’re going to make our next generation games for 50 percent more than our last generation games,” boasted Rein in response to suggestions that the average budget for next gen could be as large as $30 million

“I guess they just don’t have productive tools like we have,” he continued. Epic Games will also be demonstrating some key tools for the Unreal 3 engine at GDC, which they claim will allow designers and artists to do things that once needed programmers to do.

Rein also observed the “snobby” point of view towards next generation graphics, claiming they will be the single most significant change to come with this next generation hardware.

“There’s no question that the graphics are going to be a huge upgrade,” he said. You know, people are such snobs, with this ‘oh, it’s not about graphics’ thing. That’s such nonsense. It’s totally about graphics. What’s the difference between the first Metal Gear Solid and the latest Metal Gear Solid? Right, it’s – wow, the graphics!”