New Second Sight Screens

Uk based Free Radical is known for making first-person shooters.The company is made up of many of the key people responsible for the hallowed Nintendo 64 classic GoldenEye, and more recently the group has produced the TimeSplitters games, which are popular FPSs. This time however, Free Radical wants to expand their horizon. Second Sight will feature psychic abilities into gameplay.

When you’re playing levels you’ll have a host of fun mental powers to play with. The abilities you’ll have fall under these five catergories:healing, which will replenish your health while you remain stationary; psi attack, which creates a powerful wave that can knock enemies backward; telekinesis, with which you can pick things up and fling them around; charm, which renders you almost invisible so you can slip by your foes unnoticed; and projection, which will create an astral version of yourself that you can control to access switches and even possess some enemies. You’ll be able to upgrade these powers as you go through the game; for instance, your telekinetic power will only be strong enough to pick up small objects at first, but later it will allow you to raise enemies up and fling them around like rag dolls.

You’ll also have a variety of firearms. The game features a lock-on mechanic that should make aiming and shooting easy, and you’ll be able to pick up better weapons from fallen enemies as you move along. Some levels will have a buddy system where one or more non-player characters will fight alongside you to help out.

XA will bring you our in-depth impressions of the title in the near future.