New Rally-X Revs Up Live Arcade

Xbox 360 owners have come to look forward to Wednesdays since Microsoft began providing new Live Arcade titles on a weekly basis last summer. Recently, a string of original content thrilled gamers with affordable new experiences, but it was only a matter of time before a classic arcade revival broke the streak. Of course, re-igniting the passion for classic games and bringing them to new audiences is never a bad thing.

Earlier this week, Namco Bandai released New Rally-X as part of Microsoft’s ongoing Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays feature. Rally-X was a top-down driving game released in 1980, in which players raced a formula 1 car through a maze to collect a number of flags and progress to the next stage, all while avoiding enemy racers. The sequel, New Rally-X, which was basically just a new version with more colorful graphics, sharper audio and a few new features, was released the following year.

New Rally-X is rated E for Everyone, and is available for download on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 400 Microsoft points ($5).