New Play Control! Pikmin 2 to Join Donkey Kong Jungle Beat for US Release

We recently learned that, in addition to the recently-released Mario Power Tennis and Pikmin, Donkey Kong Jungle Beat would be making its way across the Pacific to join them in Nintendo’s “New Play Control!” lineup for the Wii.

And as of today, we now know that as expected, Pikmin 2 will be joining it in its venture Westward. Hopefully, this bodes well for another unannounced “New Play Control!” title, Metroid Prime (to say nothing of its own sequel).

According to Kotaku, new features abound in Pikmin 2, including the “Piklopedia,” an in-game catalog which records all the various creatures you come into contact with throughout your big-world adventure. The Treasure Hoard acts in a similar capacity, though instead of recording wildlife, it keeps track of all the different baubles you find (of course).

If that weren’t enough, this Wii-make will also introduce two brand-new breeds of Pikmin that more than a few Brawlers will likely wish Captain Olimar had in his arsenal. The first is the super-strong purple Pikmin, and the other is a mighty white Pikmin which is not only immune to poisons, but capable of finding treasure as well.

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat features new additions as well, which we’ve chronicled before. But as a refresher, the additions can be summed up simply as two new stages, new enemies, new weapons, and new bonuses… all to go along with the now-Bongo-less New Play Control.

While Donkey Kong Jungle Beat is reportedly due on May 4th, there is not yet a release date associated with Pikmin 2.