New Music Title

In the latest issue of Famitsu reveals that Bandai Namco Games is set to publish two new Q Entertainment produced titles one for the PSP and one for the DS. Q’s Tetsuya Mizuguchi is serving as executive producer on both games.

The PSP will be getting Gunpey-R, short for Gunpey Reverse. The DS will be getting Oto wo Tsunagou! Gunpey Reverse (Connect the Sounds! Gunpey Reverse). Both music puzzle games are based on the 1999 Wonderswan puzzle game Gunpey. The basic Gunpey gameplay has square pieces, each containing a diagonal line, rising from the bottom of the screen toward the top. You move the pieces up and down, attempting to form a line from left to right. The panels then disappear. The game ends early if — you guessed it — the pieces reach the top of the play field.

For the PSP title, Q is placing the emphasis on music and video. The game brings back the “skin” concept from Lumines, allowing players to collect themes as they play. Each theme has its own background, complete with animation, and music. The game promises over 40 skin types.

As one might expect, the emphasis for the DS title is on direct controls through the stylus. With the DS version, each time you clear a panel, the game releases a sound. By lining up the sound with the background music, you can make your own music.

Both games are set to hit Japan this Fall. No American dates have been revealed.