New Final Fantasy XIII Character Revealed: Hope

Halfway through Final Fantasy XIII’s E3 trailer, a new face shows up – a young kid with silvery hair who seems rather pissed off. The latest issue of Famitsu reveals the identity of that boy: 14-year-old Hope Estheim, another playable character in Final Fantasy XIII and an I’Cie like Lightning and Snow. And the reason for his apparent anger is the death of his mother, who was lost to him during the battle at Hanged Edge (from the demo) at which Snow led an assault. Naturally, he blames the death of his mother entirely on Snow, and seeks nothing less than revenge.

“Hope is a delicate kid, one whose youth makes his feelings easily hurt,” Final Fantasy XIII director Motomu Toriyama told Famitsu magazine. “His mother lent a hand to Snow’s resistance effort in order to protect her son, sacrificing her life for the cause. The way Hope sees it, however, Snow reeled in her mother without a second thought — and now he works alongside Snow while plotting for revenge against him. He acts very hesitant around the party at first, but exactly how he acts upon this desire for revenge will become one of the highlights of the story.”

As a fighter, Hope will take to the back row for long-range attacks with his a boomerang that, according to Toriyama, looks “more like something you’d see in some futuristic extreme sport.” Hope is still very young, and his weapon of choice plays to his youthful inexperience. Toriyama says it’s up to the player to help sculpt Hope into a hardened warrior.

Honestly, I hate kid heroes in Role Playing Games. I also irrationally dislike boomerangs. So basically, Hope is a one-two punch of “blah” for me. Oh well. I just won’t be putting Hope in my party. Pun not intended. Man, his name is going to get old fast…