New Crackdown DLC Details

Phil Wilson of Real Time Worlds agreed to take the hot seat and field questions from members of the Eurogamer forums, and despite initial attempts to watch his words, he let several hints about the upcoming Crackdown DLC slip over the course of the interview.

In response to the first question regarding the possibility of flying vehicles, Wilson explained that the developers considered the idea early on in the development cycle but opted not to include that feature. With the final product clearly capable of rendering huge areas a high speeds with little pop-in, Wilson admitted that flying vehicles were no longer out of the question.

Wilson also discussed the Crackdown community’s Youtube creations, and how many of them showcased maneuvers that the developers didnt even think were possible, like jumping to the top of the Agency Tower in the SUV. He also stated that the upcoming DLC will include a cooperative gameplay mode inspired by a video that the development team watched on Youtube, and the gamers behind that video will be given credit by the developers when the DLC finally hits.

Finally, Wilson offered some generation information regarding the multiplayer content in the new DLC.

“Sadly I can’t say much about the DLC but I will say that we’ve got some competitive (and one co-operative… if you chose to play it that way) game modes that we’re already having a great time playing. Longer term it would be good to offer multiplayer to more than two players in the Crackdown Universe – the prospect of mass co-op is definitely an exciting one.”

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