New Casual Label Opened up by Eidos

Eidos Interactive has established a new label,
SoGoPlay, to take advantage of the growing casual game market.

“Sales of casual games both online and at retail have exploded in recent months and we intend to harness the existing growth potential in the US as well as position ourselves ready for the anticipated boom to come in Europe,” said Lou Fawcett, Head of Casual Games, Eidos. “But it’s not just PC games that we’re focusing on, it’s also console and mobile games that have a broad appeal. We’re aiming to establish SoGoPlay as THE flagship casual games brand.”

The Nintendo DS has established itself on casual titles such as Brain Training and Nintendogs. Eidos hopes that they can take advantage of this growing trend with titles such as Brickdown, which is expected to ship for the DS this summer.

Other titles are also in development for the Wii and will be coming to the system this fall.