New 3D Dot Game Heroes Options and Game Modes Revealed

Last week saw From Software’s 3D Dot Game Heroes make its first playable public debut, and since then, many options for the title have been revealed.

For those who like their games to be extra-tough, the game’s normal difficulty has certain conditions which can be met to unlock the “From” mode, which is described as being “extremely” difficult. Within, the King doesn’t mince words, essentially telling you your quest is the same as it was before and offering a simple recap. Elsewhere, other characters will praise your bravery.

Apart from difficulty settings, another option requested by fans was for the ability to toggle the game’s grids on or off. While on, you can see the graph-like lines connecting every single dot on the screen; when off, everything flows much more as you would expect in a regular 8- or 16-bit title.

Good news for those who are not yet a part of the HD revolution is that another option allows you to increase the size of the font in the game. However, Andriasang notes that when they tried it out, it seemed more difficult to read.

Finally, 3D Dot Game Heroes will have some mini-games included. One is a simple race in which you use the character’s dash maneuver to navigate the course. Earn the fastest time, and win a prize.

The other is called “Block Defense,” and is a 3D Dot Game Heroes version of the “Tower Defense” games. The player positions Arrow, Air, Fire, and Missile Blocks which attack incoming enemy formations, which you yourself can attack as well.

Andriasang notes, “Despite having shared all these new features, From still hasn’t detailed all the content that was visible in the retail demo, including additional weapons, camera modes, and Trophy support. Expect these points to be addressed as 3D Dot Game Heroes’ 11/5 release nears.”

Meanwhile, I’ll just sit here and hope that someone decides that the West deserves a crack at the game, too.