New 3D Dot Game Heroes Details Spill Forth

New details have surfaced surrounding the mildly-controversial 3D Dot Game Heroes for the PlayStation 3, thanks to some translations of the game’s official FAQ by Andriasang. What follows are some highlights.

How hard is the game
They’re aiming for the normal mode to be passable by most people. There’s also an extremely hard mode (I think the name for this translates to “Difficulty Level From”).

Is there a creation element?
You can freely edit your main character. You can make modifications to preset designs, or create from scratch. However, you can’t edit the game’s other characters.

Can you edit maps and stages?
You cannot edit anything except for the main character.

Are there online elements?
The game is not online compatible.

Can you play co-op?
It’s a single player game.

Are there plans for an Xbox 360 version?
No. It’s a PlayStation 3-only title.

How big can the giant swords get?
Depending on the sword, the size extents change. Some can get so big that they fill the screen.

There’s plenty more to learn in the full FAQ, which you can find at Andriasang.

In addition, they have posted the impressions of Babarageo, who created a Flash game which inspired the developers of 3D Dot Game Heroes. Of note:

  • Immediately after the prologue, you become freely able to explore the game world.
  • If you answer no during yes/no questions asked by townsfolk, you’ll almost always see some sort of strange joke. Babarageo suggests that you answer no every time.
  • You can switch characters to an original character creation midway through the adventure, so you won’t have to restart a new game when testing out your character creations.
  • The character edit mode only allows you to use 7 colors. If you’re creating models in advance of the game’s release, make sure you prepare for this.
  • You can adjust the camera between four angles, one of which is a classic Zelda-like overhead view.

You can find more notes and screens at Andriasang.

3D Dot Game Heroes comes out November 5th, at least in Japan, and looks like an interesting, quirky title that fits in with some of the PlayStation 3’s other offerings this generation, such as LittleBigPlanet and ModNation Racers, though not to the degree a fully-customizable action-RPG would.

So far, there seems to be no plan for a Western release, but we can still hope.