Neversoft: We Made Guitar Hero III Too Hard

Has anybody played Guitar Hero III and thought that the game’s difficulty was a little too much for him or her to handle? Well, Neversoft developer Brian Bright thinks you may have had a point, according to his recent interview with ButtonMasher.

“I agree, we made GH3 too hard.” — Brian Bright to ButtonMasher

Care to elaborate, Brian?

Yeah, it was too [expletive] hard. We made a conscious effort of GH Aerosmith and GH4 to kind of ramp the difficulty better. In GH3 you definitely hit a wall near the last tier on hard to expert.

Bright went on to say that the Neversoft team has tried to make sure the same difficulty issues don’t occur again in the upcoming Guitar Hero World Tour.

This just goes to show, I guess, that there’s a fine line between maintaining the accuracy of a note chart and overcharting a song. As a Rock Band drummer myself, I’ve never been good enough at playing fake guitar to see if Guitar Hero III was too difficult for its own good.

What about all you guitar heroes out there? Did Guitar Hero III have a harder difficulty than necessary? Let us know in the comments.