Need Humanity: Dark Souls playthrough Episode 13 – Anor Londo Part 1, Gargoyles, & Silver Knights

The Need Humanity playthrough series looks to introduce newer players to Dark Souls, help them with general mechanics, find items, and help with bosses. I trudge through Lordran, derp around bonfires, and kills some badies in the process.

In the thirteenth of this series, I take Rei through the city of the gods – Anor Londo. The city throws painting curators, spin puzzles, gargoyles (which may or may not kill us), giants, mimics, and everything else under the glorious sun (Praise the Sun) at our heroes. Will the jerky Silver Knights be able to halt our passing? Will they knock us off cliffs? Will they ever see Solaire again… tune in to see. The suspense is killing me.