NCAA 13 Heisman Challenge: Robert Griffin III Hints

NCAA 13 launched on July 10th with a slew of new features. The most notable among them is the Heisman Challenge, where you take one of 16 players, put them on any team, and play a season as them. This series is going to feature tips on using each player, as each one will control and play differently. Well without further ado, here are some tips on how to make the most out the Heisman Challenge. Part 1 (Tim Tebow) can be found here, while part 2 (Barry Sanders) can be found here.


Heisman #3: Robert Griffin III (I used USC)

Robert Griffin III, or RG3 as he’s known, is the best player I’ve used in NCAA Football 13. If you’ve ever used Michael Vick in a game of Madden, you already know what to expect. RG3 has running back speed and pinpoint accuracy with his passes, which makes him very easy to use. While RG3 is one of the easier players to use, you can still benefit from the tips listed below.

RG3 Choose teamPro Tip #1: Stay in the pocket – The first tip for a successful RG3 season is staying in the pocket. Upon breaking the pocket, the defensive line is able to crash on your position. To remedy this, you have to trust your blockers and stay upright for the most accurate passes possible.

Pro Tip #2: Don’t be afraid to run – If you’re flushed out of the pocket, you can use RG3’s speed to easily outrun defensive lineman and linebackers. I played my season as a pass first quarterback, however, I regularly found huge holes to run through. The longer you wait in the pocket, the more running lanes will be available to you.

Pro Tip #3: Use accuracy to be successful – RG3 has a very high accuracy rating. When passing, you can put the ball anywhere you want relative to the receiver. Just hold the analog stick relative to the part of the receiver that you want to target and press the receiver’s button.

Pro Tip #4: Use audibles for better routes – When the game gives you short routes, you can audible them to deep routes easily. Deeper routes give you the ability to throw more touchdowns during the year, which will skyrocket you up the ratings board. Deeper routes also make running easier, since the defense is preoccupied with your wide receivers.

Passing rg3Pro Tip #5: Use “Reaction Time” – Reaction Time slows down time for you to make better decisions. While using RG3, I would use this feature to watch my receivers getting open and to make sure my offensive linemen were holding their blocks.

Pro Tip #6: Run parallel towards the line of scrimmage – After leaving the safety of the pocket, you need to run towards the line of scrimmage. Once your there, don’t run past it. Instead, run towards the sidelines to see if one of your receivers can get open past the defense. If you run out of time, sprint past the line of scrimmage and pick up as many yards as possible.

Robert Griffin III is a great player in NCAA 13. His running and passing ability are off the charts and can make amazing plays easily. You wont be disappointed at all selecting him as your Heisman Legend in the game.

What player would you like me to cover next? Have you used RG3 in NCAA 13? Let me know in the comments below.

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