National Geographic on a DS Near You?

Further stepping away from its place on the magazine racks, National Geographic has taken its name from movies to video games. Their recent documentary, March of the Penguins, will be the focus of a future GBA and DS release. Currently set to ship this month, March of the Penguins will feature you controling yes, a penguin, through the dangers of everyday penguin life. This may be enough for some nature magazines but National Geographic and Scientific Journal are not stopping there.

With Destination Software at their side we can expect another title or two. Destination Software has been around for thirty years in the software market and have been behind several projects that bring tabletop and classic games to Nintendo’s hand helds. A future National Geographic game is slated for release in 2007 for the Nintendo DS and will be based on a documentary called Sea Monsters. Currently there is no word on the gameplay.

AMN will keep you updated.

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