Namco-Bandai Disappointed with PS3 Sales, Announces New Plans

Namco-Bandai announced their software plans for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii earlier today. Namco-Bandai has stated that due to expected sales of the PlayStation 3 Gundam Musou to reach 500,000 they were disappointed when the title only sold around 300,000. Well below their original goal.

“PS3 did not make a good start, which will make the transition from the old game console to the next generation system more prolonged than we had earlier thought.”This will keep a lid on sales of our video games in the first half, although we believe that sales of PS3 will increase in the second half (to March 2008),” Namco-Bandai president Takeo Takasu said.

Namco-Bandai has announced that they have plans to release 23 PlayStation 3, 24 Xbox 360 games, and 37 Wii games during the fiscal year of 2008.