My Horse and Me

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What the Game’s About
My Horse and Me for the DS is in the same family as the Wii game but made by a different developer. Using the DS touch screen, you can care for your horse by cleaning and maintaining the large animal.

What’s Hot
For horse fanatics, and we know you exist, there are many areas where you can care for a virtual horse. You can brush your steed, feed and clean its stall. It can possibly create a bond between the gamer and the horse.

The graphics in the game areas are not too shabby. There isn’t a lot you can do with the horse theme but the rider and animal look average. Tapping your way through the ill conceived menus is rather easy and shopping for new outfits is fun.

What’s Not
For a game that wasn’t bad at all on the Wii, what went so wrong on the DS? Quite a bit. The game controls are terrible, there isn’t a consistent way to control your horse and when you need to turn left or right, the horse seems to chug along and looks choppy and sloppy. The result is gameplay that resembles a thick soup with a bad aftertaste.

Speaking of sloppy, the presentation of menus is rather poor. Not only are there creepy looking digitized pictures of fellow riders, the competition selection screen looks like something from the GBA era. Having to tap twice to accept my options is also a giant annoyance. The music will beat on your brain until you turn off the speakers on the DS.

Final Word
We were shocked that My Horse and Me for the Wii was as good as it was, we were equally as shocked that the DS game was so poorly made. The developers in charge of the DS version must have not cared enough about the game to spend some time fixing the major problems. Even if this game is targeted towards young girls, they deserve better than this.