My Game This Weekend – 06.12.09 – Vacations and Tribulations

After last week’s E3 coverage, I need a break. So this weekend, the wife and I are getting out of the house to enjoy a little time away. As a result, it appears that my game time this weekend will be relegated to my Nintendo DS (he ol’ Phat version), and some quality time unraveling the secrets of Mask De*Masque in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials & Tribulations.

Assuming I have time for it, that is. I might bring along a little Mario as well, possibly New Super Mario Bros., as Nintendo’s showing has given me a bit of a craving. As for the wife, I get the feeling she’ll have my PSP in tow, playing her recently-downloaded Final Fantasy VII.

So, that’s my game(s?) this weekend; what are yours?