Multiple Endings Cut From Mafia II

The team behind Mafia II has decided to cut plans to include multiple endings, said senior producer Denby Grace.

Speaking in an interview with IGTV, Grace said that at one point Mafia II had four different endings, but they were cut due to their low quality.

“We had four multiple endings at one point in the game, and then we looked at it and we had one really outstanding great ending to end our story,” he said.

“We just said ‘You know what? Let’s just ditch these other endings, this is the ending everyone wants,’ and that’s one thing we’re happy with making that choice.”

It’s good to hear from a developer that chose to cut something and is willing to admit that the reason they cut a portion of the game is because it wasn’t very good. Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven had only one ending, but it was a fantastic ending. If you haven’t played it, don’t worry, I won’t spoil the ending, but I will say it’s worth picking up and playing before Mafia II arrives. It’s amazing.

The script for Mafia II is reportedly hundreds of pages long, and the game is set to deliver approximately 15 hours of playtime. That type of an experience deserves a great ending, and since the team felt they couldn’t deliver four great endings, it’s best that they deliver just one.

Let’s hope that the multiple endings don’t surface later as DLC. It’s safe to say that one thing gamers are frustrated with these days are cheap DLC packages that were already on the game disc or that were cut from the game for the purpose of being added on later as DLC.