Movie releases for February 2012

This February, there's a good amount of flicks coming out, but are they all worth seeing?  Luckily, I'm here to give you my honest opinion of whether they're worth seeing or if you should do something else with that $12 you have (movie tickets are expensive).  My opinion is based solely on news and research I've done about the movies, their trailers, buzz surrounding it, and whether or not I think it looks cool. 

Scoring guide:

bill murray Bill Murray: Every month we will have a must see movie.  If you are only going to see one movie this month, this is the one you should see.  Of course, Bill Murray is the symbol for all that is awesome and excellent, so his face is what we associate with the movie of the month.

han solo Han Solo: What's not to love? He's a charming scoundrel and one of the best movie characters ever. Everyone (except the Hutts) loves Han Solo. For excellent movies with tons of deserving hype that are must-see, they get assigned the Han Solo. When you say "I loved it," after seeing this movie, I'll just say, "I know."

Liam Neeson Taken Liam Neeson (Taken): This character kicks ass, much like the movies we assign this to. Movies with this score are definitely worth seeing, but could be held off until they're available for rental or download. As long as you see it eventually, you're good. These movies are known to throat-chop their way into your heart.

lord voldemort Lord Voldemort: While the final Harry Potter was loved by many people, the final battle and some of the choices in the movie left people wanting more from it. Movies with this rating are good movies worthy of your time and money, but you may walk away disappointed.

Nicolas Cage Wicker Man bees Nicolas Cage in Wicker Man: I can't, in good conscience, recommend seeing a movie with this rating. Odds are that it's going to be pretty bad, be it story or acting.  This is much like the Wicker Man — so bad it becomes funny. "They're in my eyes!" No Mr. Cage, they are not in your eyes, but these movies might be bad enough for you to want to scream the same thing. 

twilightTwilight: An abomination to cinema. Do not see movies with this rating. I'm sorry to even include these movies or this picture, but you must be warned. If you see these movies, you be rendered an emotionless, catatonic, zombie — much like Kristen Stewart.



Movie Releases

Friday February 3, 2012

The Woman in Black

Daniel Radcliffe, hot off of Broadway, SNL, and Harry Potter, looks like he owns in this part. This movie looks genuinely creepy. He plays a young lawyer that travels to a cursed, remote town. He tries to unravel the mystery of the curse by figuring out the mystery surrounding the woman in black, who dwells in the house in the marsh. It looks ominous and tense, and is sure to be a real horror movie — not just cheap blood and thrills. Part drama, part mystery, part horror, part awesome! Then again, horror movies are hit or miss, but I say Go get 'em Harry!



This movie is like the love child of X-Men and Cloverfield.  Three buddies get super powers, one goes evil because of his power, and then the other two try to stop him? Yea, sign me up. This looks freakin awesome. It looks dark and serious at parts, funny at others, and kick-ass all throughout. Seeing their powers and destruction from an up-close view is going to be amazing. Definitely a must-see. Opening night if you can.


Perfect Sense

Half Contagion, half love story. This movie stars the talented Eva Green and the only redeeming part of the newer Star Wars movies. This scientist (Green) and chef (Ewan McGregor) fall in love at the same time that an epidemic starts. There's a virus that has people losing their sensory perceptions. It's both lovely and terrifying. I think people would react exactly as they do in this movie if this were to really happen. It's a cast full of talent and a really interesting premise, but can an epidemic movie and love story coexist in the same film? I think it'll be worth the watch, but others might be put off.


Friday February 10, 2012

Safe House

Ryan Reynolds needs a good movie under his belt. The Green Lantern failed to impress in his super-hero role. Wait, what's that? It's a bird. It's a plane. It's Denzel Washington! Ryan and Denzel team up and take out baddies in this impressive-looking action thriller. It looks like an intelligent script, Denzel is being Denzel, and as long as Ryan Reynolds isn't in it for abs and jokes, it will be an awesome film. It's not going to win any awards, but it'll be entertaining.


The Vow

Okay, the women are going to want to see it. Guys, you're probably going to have see it on a date night. This is also going to be a popular Valentine's Day date movie. This is the Notebook, plain and simple. It's not written by Nicholas Sparks — it's based on the book which is based on a true story — but it might as well been written by him. Good to see Rachel McAdams isn't being type-casted. Women, you will love this movie. Men, sneak a flask into the theater. Definitely a Han Solo for the ladies, but I'm a guy. It's getting a Nic Cage.


Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace 3D

No. Just no. I'm not doin' it. I'm not giving George Lucas more money for yet another theatrical re-release. Especially not for Episode I, the movie that almost ruined Star War for me. Unless they removed all of the scenes with Jar Jar Binks, don't go see this movie! The Gungans didn't have to be in it at all! Take them out. What they should've done is just release the pod racing scene and the Darth Maul threesome fight. That's all anyone wants anyways. And ya know what, I still wouldn't pay to see it, because with that money George Lucas would ruin Star Wars even more.


Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

Oh yay! More 3D gimmicks! Can someone tell the Rock he doesn't have to do every movie thrown his way? Kids will probably love this. I won't. Luckily, my kid is 2 1/2, so that means I don't have to take him to see this movie. This is just Hollywood trying to make a buck off of 3D and kids. Don't tell me that there's an artistic or cinematic side to this, because there isn't. I guess Michael Caine is in it so they could trick people into thinking they put effort into the script? That being said, the Rock is good for some chuckles, and Michael Caine is, well, Michael Caine.


Tuesday February 14, 2012

This Means War

This looks fun as f**k! How is this flying under the radar? I haven't seen a single promotion for it? Yet that stupid Ashton Kutcher spy film from last year got like a year of trailers. Chris Pine and Tom Hardy — need I say more? This looks genuinely funny, fun, entertaining, and has a Mr. and Mrs. Smith vibe to it, but better. Kirk and Bane team up to make out with Reese Witherspoon, all while playing pranks on each other and shooting bad guys.


Friday February 17, 2012

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Nicolas Cage starts his 2012 off with a super hero sequel to his laughable job as the Ghost Rider. This is the first of 118 movies that Cage has planned for this year, so odds are in my favor that this will be a dud, as 90% of his roles are. I'm sure the visuals will be pretty good, and the action won't be that back, but the acting will probably be a miss. Very appropriate that a Nic Cage movie gets rated a Nic Cage.


Friday February 24, 2012


I love Judd Apatow, but this movie looks like another Funny People — and that's not good. Paul Rudd is awesome, but I don't think he can make this movie a hit, I really don't. Jen Aniston at this point reminds me of the forever alone meme. She's so attractive, but she just can't find true love. Poor Jen. Anyways, I'm sure this movie will have a few chuckles, crude humor, and will have its moments, but I don't think it's worth seeing in the theater.



This doesn't look suspensful at all. The only thing this movie is playing off of is a woman's fear of being kidnapped and thrown into a hole. The problem is that Silence of the Lambs did that so much better. Amanda Seyfried, you're beautiful, but you need to choose your scripts a little better. It's a thriller, but there's nothing there to thrill. Oh, she's so strong, and she's gonna give the bad guy a taste of his own medicine. Ya know what else bothers me? Why do the police/authorities never believe the victim? They believed a kid was trapped in a weather balloon but it's so crazy to thing a girl might be kidnapped? There's better movies out there in this genre that might actually put you on the edge of your seat.


Well, there's your February movie highlights. Two films I didn't get to mention are Kill List with Neil Maskell and Michael Smiley. It's a psychological thriller about a contract killer as he descends into madness. The other is Rampart starring Woody Harrelson where he plays a dirty cop. Both look amazing as well.

What movies are you looking forward to in February, and which ones do you thing look awful? Comment below or Tweet Lance Liebl @Lance_GZ