MotorStorm Pacific Rift Getting Free Updates

According to the PlayStation Blog, MotorStorm Pacific Rift will be getting a free download pack today that includes new paint jobs for three vehicles. Every week for the next eight weeks, a similar pack will arrive until each type of vehicle has a new look that can be created.

Pacific Rift recently received an update to include Microbadges, a sort of reward that, unlike trophies, are displayed in game to intimidate your competition. Microbadges are awarded for meeting certain goals, just like trophies, but you can earn up to forty and have to choose which you want to show off. You begin with three slots, and can gain three more to show off your accomplishments.

Releasing some free content is a great way to keep people playing your game for a long time, as Burnout: Paradise has proven. But what do you think? Are occasional free updates enough to keep you from trading a game in?