Motörhead, Sex Pistols Rerecording Classics for Guitar Hero

I saw Motörhead perform a few weeks ago on the Metal Masters tour. Lemmy sounded like a disgruntled beast, and as my ridiculously sore neck can attest, Motörhead was firing on all cylinders.

So when this tidbit of Guitar Hero news landed on my desk, my interest was piqued, to say the least. I’m not usually a fan of rerecorded tracks, but seriously, Motörhead can do no wrong.

Activision sent out new Guitar Hero World Tour info today, this time concerning a trio of songs that are being re-recorded exclusively for the game. MC5’s Wayne Kramer, Motörhead, and The Sex Pistols have all come back to the studio for new recordings of several classic songs.

Wayne Kramer was joined by Jerry Cantrell of Alice and Chains and Gilby Clark of Guns ‘N Roses fame to record a new version of “Kick Out the Jams” with the original producer, Bruce Botnick. The Sex Pistols are delivering their second re-record (the first coming in Guitar Hero 3 with “Anarcky in the U.K.”). This go around, the group is offering up “Pretty Vacant” for Guitar Hero World Tour. Rounding out the news, Motörhead has re-recorded “Overkill.” — IGN

Just add it to the list, I suppose. Has there been a piece of bad Guitar Hero news? It looks like World Tour is going to be the climax of rhythm games, and it is scheduled for a North American release next month.

Judas Priest headlined that show, by the way, and Testament opened. I lost consciousness for a few minutes. It was a religious experience.