Motion Sensor Headed to the DS

While Nintendo created and utilized a motion sensing device with Kirby Tilt’n Tumble for the Game Boy Color and Wario Ware Twisted for the GBA a few years back, the company has yet to announce any plans to incorporate similar technology into any Nintendo DS games in the foreseeable future. Leave it to homebrewers to create their own DS accessory similar to the device used in previous Nintendo handhelds.

DSpassMe has apparently started taking pre-orders for a DS motion card that includes a “3-axis accelerometer and a single-axis gyroscope.” The device is scheduled to ship around January 1st of next year.

Being that the product is not an internally-developed product from Nintendo, fans hoping to see a DS title utilizing a motion sensor shouldn’t get too excited just yet. There will be no official Nintendo DS titles released that will include motion sensing support until Nintendo creates a device of their own. It will certainly be interesting to see if independent developers will use the new functionality included in the device to create their own unique games.

Stay tuned to AMN for updates.

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