Most anticipated Wii U exclusives coming in 2016

Foxes that fly, and Pokemon that punch

Genei Ibun Roku X FE

Genei Ibun Roku X FE – TBA

Originally revealed as Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, this new crossover JRPG will feature elements from both the Atlus series as well as Nintendo's Fire Emblem series. The game revolves around a talent agency that acts as a hub for various talented people who can summon Mirages. These Mirages are actually based on characters from the Fire Emblem series. All I'm saying is, someone at either Nintendo or Atlus must have jacked directly into my brain, and basically then produced a game that I've always wanted.

Pokken Tournament

Pokken Tournament – Q1/Q2 (maybe)

What's better than catching Pokemon? Sending them off into battle! Pokken Tournament turns the standard turn-based formula on its head, and instead delivers a fighting game with some badass Pokemon to choose from. So far, the game has only been released in Japanese arcades, and the release window I specified might be meant for Japan, but I have a strong feeling we'll be seeing Pokken Tournament sometime next year in America.

Honorable Mention | The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD

Regarded as the darker entry into The Legend of Zelda series, Twilight Princess will be getting an HD re-release on the Wii U, similarly to Wind Waker that released in 2013. Since this was originally released in 2005, and isn't really considered a new game, I decided to add this as an honorable mention.

What Wii U games will you be picking up next year?

While the Wii U may be lacking in frequent releases, I've come to find that those games that do, a majority of them end up being quite stellar. Ok, fine, Mario Tennis Ultra Smash and Animal Crossing amiibo Festival were the outliers there. The rest though? Pretty awesome. There are certainly a few games to look forward to if you have a Wii U in 2016. So let's take a look!

Star Fox Zero

Star Fox Zero – April 22

I've wanted an HD Star Fox game since… well, probably since the Wii U first came out. Hell, I wanted a Star Fox game for the Wii as well! And while Star Fox 64 3D was a pretty fantastic and nostalgic trip down memory lane, I wanted more. Thankfully, come April 2016, that wish will come true. Star Fox Zero isn't a sequel, or a prequel, but more closely resembles a reboot. You'll be going through familiar territory, though this time you'll have some new tools at your disposal.

The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda – TBA

We were supposed to already be exploring the world of the new Legend of Zelda on our Wii U now, but unfortunately the game was delayed to (hopefully) 2016. We don't know much storywise regarding the new title, though we do know that the game will focus more on non-linear gameplay, and giving players a massive open-world to explore.