More Sega rumours

According to a report on, Namco has
approached Sega with plans for a merger. Two of the most respected
names in the gaming world are currently in talks with regard to the deal.
If an agreement is met, any merger would result in the forming of the
largest games software company in Japan, with projected annual sales
reaching the 350 billion yen (1.85 billion) mark.

Apparently, if a merger were to take place, Sega would absorb Namco.
Although Namco major players, such as Tekken, Time Crisis, Pac-Man,
Ridge Racer and Soul Calibur would probably continue. They would just be
developed by Sega.

A merger between Namco and Sega, also brings into question the recent
merger announcement between Sega and Sammy.Upper level executives
for the two companies are to meet next week to further discuss the proposed merger.