More LEGO Batman Impressions

Last week, we brought you information about the upcoming Traveller’s Tales title, LEGO Batman, and this week, thanks to MTV Multiplayer’s impressions, we have even more info to spill.

One obstacle the developers have faced is how to work the Batarang into the Wii version. “We don’t want people throwing their Wii-motes out the window,” said producer Loz Doyle. “I can just imagine mothers calling us up. We are working on it.” And while the Wii will have its unique controls, drop-in/out co-op gameplay returns, now with the benefit of online for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.

The reported 18 levels will be broken up into three six-level storyarcs, written by Traveller’s Tales and approved by Warner Bros. and DC Comics. “It seemed only natural that the over-arching story was a big breakout from Arkham Asylum,” Doyle said. “Once they broke out from Arkham Asylum, they break off into three groups, which enables us to have three stories that aren’t linked to each other.”

Fans should also note that influences weren’t taken from any particular medium, but are more of an amalgamation (no, not like that one) of the different forms Batman has taken over the years.

Perhaps similar to Zelda’s boomerang, Batman can use a Bat-symbol (R-symbol for Robin) to target multiple enemies with a brick-shattering Batarang attack. While it begins with up to five targets, upgrades can see that maximum raised to 10, perfect for putting fear into superstitious and cowardly LEGO criminals.

While LEGO Star Wars had a varied cast of multi-talented characters for players to play as, and Batman’s rogues gallery is vast in itself, the good-guy segments will be relegated to the Dynamic Duo (sorry, Nightwing and Batgirl fans). But to make their gameplay more varied will be the aforementioned suits which they can don to even things up a little.

Other items of note are that each story can be played through as the villains or the heroes for the caper, characters don’t need to be together to switch off, there will be strictly-vehicle levels included (which the press release cites as including the Batmobile, Batwing, and Batboat), and 10 collectibles per level for gaining Batman-ish trophies (giant penny or a t-rex made of LEGOs, perhaps?).

Doyle adds about the DS version: “It’s not a port, it’s completely done separately. It’s done at Traveller’s Tales by the same team that did the ‘Saga’ DS version, and they’re a really, really good team. It’s kind of the same but different, and there’s a lot of touch screen in there.” No word on the PSP version, however.

And finally, while not a done deal, the team are looking to include the Danny Elfman themes from the early Tim Burton movies.