Molyneux Reveals Microtransactions for Fable III

Guess what, Fableonians (is that what one would call a Fable fan? Anyway…)! Project Natal won’t be the only new addition to Lionhead’s latest endeavor, oh no.

At BAFTA, the man known as Molyneux revealed that a microtransaction system would also feature in the game. During his speech, he revealed that Fable III would feature an in-game shop through which the extra content would be made available.

His proposal includes selling items, such as swords, for around £1 a pop, while access to new areas (such as an “island”) would cost more. Molyneux’s goal, as That VideoGame Blog reports, is to “provide a more harmonious relationship between a title and its downloadable content.”

Molyneux would also later reveal that Lionhead would consider selling GameFAQ-styled guides in the store as well. Of course, he was quick to point out that such a notion is but one of many ideas that they are bouncing around, so it may not necessarily come to pass as such.

I haven’t really had the opportunity to try the recently-released free Fable II download, so I’m not entirely clear on how well such an idea would work for items and such. Islands, sure, but swords?

Is this an idea with potential, or is it just going to muddy the waters for Fable players? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.