Modern Warfare 3 – Multiplier Modes with Official Video

How long has November 8th been marked on your calendar? Is it ironically circled with red marker and hanging on the fridge?  Do you wake up every morning and cross yesterday off?  Yes.  Well until then, here is some multiplayer news about the new modes.  The developers are pushing a philosophy of “create your own Call of Duty.”  They want this experience to add a level of customization to your multiplayer experience.  Let’s talk about these new modes though:


Kill Confirm:

This mode is similar to ‘team deathmatch’ in the sense that you are on one of two teams which work together with the objective to kill the other team.  The difference is that each player has a dog tag which drops when they die.  Points are gained by picking up the enemies’ dog tags.  As an extra element, there is also a deny feature.  If your teammate dies you can pick up his dog tag so the enemy can’t.  This feature promotes team play and cooperation.


Team Defender:

In team defender, there is a flag that you want to grab.  Unlike capture the flag, you don’t take it anywhere specific.  The objective of this mode is to hold on to the flag as long as you possibly can to get points.  Your team is there to defend you and the enemy team tries to get the flag from you to hold and defend.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Custom Match Settings


As part of this “create your own Call of Duty” experience, the developers are allowing players to customize their own game modes.  Here, you can only allow a certain type of weapons, turn off perks, turn off kill streak awards, and mix any of these functions to make a truly customizable game experience.   Once you have an original mode you are happy with, you can share it with friends and the community.  Ultimately, the developers want to create a “global adventure on epic scale” and we only have 7 days til we can see the results.