Modern Warfare 2 May Get More Than Two Map Packs

Recently it was reported that three months before Modern Warfare 2’s release, Infinity Ward was already telling us that there were exactly two map packs planned for the title’s future that would be timed Xbox 360 exclusives. Infinity Ward isn’t ruling out the possibility of more.

“We’ve confirmed we’ll be doing AT LEAST two map packs which were announced at E3 as a timed exclusive for Xbox 360,” said Activision Publishing CEO Mike Griffith. “The fact that we confirmed at least two map packs doesn’t mean there won’t be more.”

Griffith says that ultimately the users will determine what happens to their DLC plans. “Honestly we plan on shaping our DLC based on community feedback from the full game, and first two DLC map packs,” he said. “Therefore, the community will really determine what comes after that.”

Modern Warfare 2 is still set to release simultaneously on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on November 10th, the same day the Wii get’s its port of Call of Duty 4.