MMO Shooter Huxley Coming to PC First, 360 Version Getting Extra Content

It’s been a while since I’ve heard anything about Huxley from developer Webzen. Being developed as a massively-multiplayer-online-shooter, the game is still planned for release at the end of the year for the 360 and PC.

The most recent issue of OXM UK reveals that the PC version of the game will be launching before the Xbox 360 edition. This could act as a security blanket for the 360 game; launching the PC game first and making sure the game’s online mode is working correctly for the latter version would make sense. All of this is taking into account that a public beta won’t be launched before the PC game hits, keep in mind.

To make up for it launching later, the 360 version will include a few extras that’ll “reveal more secrets about world that you will never find in the PC version.” A standard fee is expected to be placed on the online modes of both. I’m expecting to see more of this game at E3, so make sure you tune in around then if you’ve got your eyes on this one.