MLG Winter Championships – Interview with Michael “Flamesword” Chaves

Michael "FlameSword" Chaves is a professional Halo: Reach player and a member of the team Status Quo. They recently finished an intense weekend of training at the Red Bull Lan and are ready for battle this weekend at the MLG Winter Championships in Columbus, Ohio. Check out what he had to say to us before gearing up for his matches.

Dustin Steiner: What do you think are the most pressing concerns for the Halo community right now?

Michael "FlameSword" Chaves: One of Halo's biggest concerns right now is a lack of a ranked playlist. All the previous Halo titles (excluding Halo CE) had one, which made people strive to play day after day to improve.

DS: Do you feel like interest will be renewed in Halo once the fourth installment comes out, or will people not trust 343 Industries enough?

FlameSword: I think Halo 4 will have more interest than Halo: Reach. Some of the people who are part of 343 are the same people who worked on Halo 2, which many believed to be the best Halo game/multiplayer game out there for a first person shooter. That makes everyone excited for Halo 4.


DS: If you had to pick one moment from your pro career as your defining moment, what would it be?

FlameSword: The moment that defined my gaming career had to be placing second at MLG's Halo 3 2010 Season National Championship. My team stuck together for the whole season so it meant a lot placing our best with that squad.

DS: Aside from MLG, what other tournaments are there in the Halo scene?

FlameSword: The scene mostly consists of smaller local tournaments, as MLG dominates the major tournament scene, and there is a series called EGL, or European Gaming League, which takes place all around Europe.

DS: Tell me what a day in the life of Flamesword is like – what sort of training regimen do you have?

FlameSword: My day is pretty simple yet quite demanding. I'm a big workout freak which means I am basically eating all day. Wake up to 4 egg whites, 2 whole eggs scrambled, and 2 cups of oatmeal with fruit. Once I get back from the gym I basically game for four to six hours.

DS: What’s the most difficult part of being on a Halo team?

Flamesword: Time management. Halo takes up a lot of time, and hours dedicated to practice are always changing depending on teammates.

DS: Do you prefer to use stock Xbox controllers or do you like any of the third party controllers? Why or why not?

FlameSword: Stock controllers for sure, but I usually go through to get a customized paint job on my controller. Don't really use third party controllers because I'm just so used to the basic controllers.

DS: How do you think your chances are heading into this weekend?

FlameSword: I think our chances are high. We had the best overall record at the last Red Bull LAN at Full Sail University. Our team decided to form just recently, but we feel that we have so much potential.

DS: Any closing words for your fans?

FlameSword: Thanks for all support, it means a lot to me and the team. Without you fans, it would mean nothing!

Thanks for the interview Michael! We wish you and your team luck this weekend at the MLG Winter Championships! You can follow FlameSword on Twitter @Flameswordsq

Dustin Steiner is GameZone's eSports Correspondent! You can follow him on Twitter @SteinerDustin to talk competitve gaming, Mass Effect 3 ending conspiracies (..Hold the Line..) and anything else gaming related!