MLG Orlando: Day 2 Mid-Day Report!

Day 2 Mid-Day Report

Day 2 of MLG Orlando from the Gaylord Palms Resort continues with just as much drama and excitement as Pool play proceeds towards wrapping up and heading into Championship play this evening.

Liquid'Jinro and Liquid'Sheth in Pool Play

Starcraft 2 continues to be the highlight of this event, with Call of Duty hardly drawing any crowds at all and Halo Reach only drawing moderate amounts of attention. As you can see below, SC2 is more than overwhelming the number of people at Call of Duty or Halo. This is truly astounding as Starcraft 2 is still a relatively new eSport at MLG events, whereas Call of Duty and Halo have been around since the inception of the event. It’s also interesting that a RTS game has done so well in a market predominately dominated by shooters.

Call of Duty… Not much happening here. Maybe they're all busy obsessing over Modern Warfare 3?

Halo Reach – a little bit more going on.. some pretty cool matches.

Holy hell – look at all these Starcraft 2 fans.

Another thing I couldn’t help but notice as we head into day 2 – I was really expecting more of a presence from Blizzard at this tournament… But there’s not a single representative here, not even a vendor selling shirts. This comes despite the fact that Blizzard collects 50% of the revenue from Starcraft 2 tournaments in general, and very much so reflects my feeling that while Blizzard supports eSports, they certainly could be doing much more to encourage the growth of eSports as a whole.


Anyway, on to some of the excellent matches so far this afternoon – this is going to seem like a ton of Protoss vs Protoss play, but it’s been such a long time since we’ve seen quality PvP in a tournament, I figured I’d highlight these.

SaSe vs InControl – Protoss vs Protoss

Really interesting stuff here as qualifier from the open bracket SaSe fought against former NASL commentator InControl. I really feel for InControl here as he has just been getting his face pounded in all tournament long – not even winning a single match so far.

The seconds game in particular SaSe used some interesting Warp Prism harassment to completely shut down InCOntrol’s economy early on. Though, InControl did hold he was too far behing at this point and went down 2-0.

SaSe vs Kiwikaki – Protoss vs Protoss

The Open Bracket qualifier SaSe continues his rampage thorugh pool play with an impressive display of 3 Gateway Stalker aggression with a few phoenixes mixed in, using the phoenixes to lift up Kiwikaki’s sentries and completely expose his base to harassment. Game 2 was also filled with early pressure – Kiwikaki attempted revenge with some pressure of his own but SaSe was able to hold it off and reply with some very good sentry play to completely shut down Kiwikaki’s defenses.

Liquid’Hero vs EGHuK – Protoss vs Protoss

The undeniable star of Day 1, EGHuK went up against his Protoss replacement on Team Liquid, HerO. The matches were extremely intense – in fact, when I was pulled away for an interview with Quantic Gaming’s Destiny and gone for 30-40 mins, the match was still going on!

One battle in particule stands out in my mind was during game 3 when HuK had an army of eight colossi, talkers and zealots HerO managed to counter with Archons in addition to his stalker heavy army. HerO took the win, but HuK is doing quite well for himself still, at the top of his pool.


And now, going to dump the rest of our photos that we took today, so far that aren’t related to these matches! Enjoy, and check back with us later tonight when we will have an interview with Quantic Gaming’s Destiny and our Day 2 Wrapup.

JulyZerg hanging out watching a match

Liquid'Hero in between matches

That's it for now – like I said, tune back in later today for an interview with Quantic Gaming's Destiny, our Day 2 Wrapup and much much more! Dustin Steiner is GameZone's eSports Correspondent! Follow him on Twitter @SteinerDustin