GameZone’s Miss E3 2011

Missed out on E3 and all the booth babes that come along with it? We were on the scene, capturing every moment. Check out the lovely ladies of E3 2011 below.

The very lovely Need for Speed model
When RIFT meets End of Nations
Nexon was going for the sweet but deadly look
The towering Atari girl
Pew Pew! Namco Bandai girls
She made playing a certain recently released game (Red Faction Armageddon) look good
Wastin' away again in Margaritaville for Facebook. Sign me up!
These THQ ladies set their phasers to stun
Space Marine girls will want to make you enlist
How about we settle this in the ring?
These Tecmo girls were hiding Ryu Hayabusa in their booth
Sure there are two dudes in this pic, but we all know who they're reporting to
I think she's challenging me to a fight …
Move over Sarah Connor–this girl has us in her scope
Glee girls glee-ing up the place
Best part about the SSX girls? Taking a pic with them that said, "I just had SSX" … Genius
The NOS girls want you to stay energized
I doubt that fishnets were allowed during Tank combat … but hey, who's complaining?
Duke's girls were very accommodating once you sat in the throne
UFC girls looking quite stunning
Bloodrayne is here to mostly chop your head off and drink your blood
I can't decide which I like more: the girl or that car
For our convenience, most of the booth babes all in one spot