Microsoft To Begin Charging For Live Diamond

This was unexpected… mostly because we almost forgot this even existed. Nonetheless, Microsoft is axing the free Xbox Live Diamond program, in favor of adding a fee to it.

For those scratching your heads, wondering what we’re even talking about, Xbox Live Diamond wasn’t a program in the same vein as Xbox Live Gold or Silver, but rather a sort of coupon program card which US Gold members were allowed to use for free to access coupons and places like Quiznos, Target, McDonald’s, and more.

Now, that becomes one less perk for Xbox Live Gold subscribers, as Microsoft has taken the program down from registration through February to migrate it to Passport, and to revamp the program so that any user, Gold or Silver, can sign up for it… at a cost of $6.95 per year. Current members will remain signed on for free until their membership expires.