Microsoft Sued for $5 Million Over Faulty Halo 3 Copies

Master Chief might have finished the fight against the covenant back in September, but his fight against a pissed-off consumer is just beginning.

San Diego, California resident Randy Nunez has filed a lawsuit against both the developer and publisher of Halo 3, Microsoft and Bungie, for $5 million. Nunez claims that Microsoft’s shooter “consistently causes the Xbox 360 to crash, freeze, or lock up while the game is being played.”

Nunez bought a copy of Halo 3 in mid-October, which, when he played “repeatedly locked up, froze and/or crashed,” he said in court papers. The basis of Nunez’s lawsuit is that Microsoft and Bungie are violating consumer protection laws. Furthermore, Nunez claims that the problems are widespread, and that numerous video game websites are reporting similar problems.

“Although faced with repeated and mounting consumer complaints and inquiries concerning this operational flaw in Halo 3, the defendants have failed to recall Halo 3 or otherwise remedy its failure to function on the Xbox 360,” the suit alleges.

Neither Microsoft nor Bungie have filed a formal response to Nunez’s lawsuit and allegations.

Consumer complaints over faulty video game products are not new to Microsoft. Earlier this year, the company extended its Xbox 360 warranty to three years due to widespread hardware malfunctions with the console, a move that will cost the company over $1 billion.