Microsoft Reports on the Success of XBLA

Microsoft expects 45 million Xbox Live Arcade downloads by the end of 2007 as the service reaches 7.1 million Xbox Live users.

With 100 games on the way, Microsoft may reach that goal with the help of their reported 6-7 title attach rate per user. This has equaled a 156 percent financial return over the last 12 months with over $30 million made so far.

The General Manager for Microsoft Casual Games, Marc Whitten, spoke at the event about how digital distribution is helping sales and how the lines between casual and core games are blurring.

“We see games where playing the game requires a level of cooperation, a level of resource management… we see games where the point of the game is real-world, simulation-based learning… and we’re starting to see ways where games could be used for how we actually do things in the real world in a real way.”

Xbox Live Arcade has hit 25 million downloads and counting. With over 10 million Xbox 360s sold throughout the world, its no wonder why Microsoft would make such predictions.