Microsoft Pushing Harder For Japan In ’08 With 250 New Titles

Word from FujiSankei Business seems to indicate that Microsoft is through messing around with Japan, and they’re ready to make a major push in that market in 2008.

At the forefront of that effort is the intent to double the amount of Xbox 360 software available to Japanese households, taking them from about 250 to 500 by year’s end, including titles distributed via Xbox Live.

In addition, Microsoft plans to strengthen things by releasing a sequel to their #1 game in Japan, Hironobu Sakaguchi and Akira Toriyama’s Blue Dragon (with apologies to Nobuo Uematsu).

This isn’t the first word of a sequel to Xbox’s break into the JRPG market, as prior to the original’s release, Sakaguchi had mentioned the possibility of an online sequel, and has since also announced a DS strategy version of the title for release early next year.