Microsoft Plans to Release Three Versions of Xbox 2

According to Teamxbox and The Inquirer, ‘a slide from a non disclosure agreement (NDA) presentation seen by the INQ points towards Microsoft launching three versions of the Xbox 2, one of which is a fully functioning PC,’ as The Inquirer stated in a recent report.

One of the Xboxes, Xbox Next HD (as you may know) will feature not just a hard drive and a fully functionable graphics card, It’ll also work as a PC. Best well connected to a HDTv or a regular monitor, the Xbox Next PC (Xbox 2 module) will take Microsoft Games to a different level. It will also feature a wireless keyboard and a CD burner. Thus far, as we heard, that it’ll also make PC games playble on this console.

Microsoft is still unsure of when this module will be released. Xbox Next or 2 will feature many other applications for the use of online chatting and gameplay services such as; instant messaging and Internet web browsing. Also, featuring the Media Center from Microsoft Windows. Further detailed information will be provided as it becomes available.